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I greatly appreciate your feedback, whether negative or positive, on any aspect of the website.
Here are a few of the subjects about which I would welcome feedback :
I have tried to balance the contrast, brightness and saturation of photographs so that they will reproduce satisfactorily on the average uncalibrated LCD monitor.
Fonts used on this website are : Verdana for all text. If other fonts such as Times New Roman or Charlesworth appear, this is caused by error in my html code, so please let me know. If the size of the fonts appears too large or small, please check your browser settings - in Internet Explorer these are accessed from the View / Text size menu, and should be set to Medium. Typographical errors and spelling mistakes can sometimes go unnoticed, so please let me know if you find errors.
Blue text anywhere on the website should hyperlink to another page on this or another website.
All thumbnail images ( those less than 300 pixels width ) should hyperlink to another page displaying a selection of full sized images and description of the relevant species. If you find any hyperlink that is not working please let me know which link is causing the problem, and on what page it occurs.
Exchanging links with other websites
I am generally willing to include links to any charitable organisation dealing with the conservation of butterflies or other wildlife or their habitats in any part of the world. I only include links to commercial websites ( booksellers, equipment suppliers etc ) if these are of proven reputation and offer a high level of service.
learnaboutbutterflies strives to maintain the highest levels of accuracy, to offer a diverse range of material, and to present it in an attractive and readable style which appeals equally to novices and experienced entomologists. Please let me know which pages you like best, and which pages you don't like. If there are additional subjects that you would like to be given coverage, I would be pleased to hear your ideas. If you find any inaccuracies in the articles, or any photographs which appear to be wrongly identified or incorrectly captioned, please let me know.
Your questions answered
If you have any questions about any aspect of butterfly taxonomy, biology, ecology or behaviour, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will do my best to provide an accurate and complete answer via e-mail, and if the question has wide appeal, I will publish it, together with my answer, on the Frequently Asked Questions pages.
Butterfly identifications via e-mail
I will answer all e-mails, but in order to avoid being swamped, please do not send photographs for identification unless by prior arrangement. Most species can be easily identified from books which are readily available. If you have tried several books and are still unable to identify what you have seen, I will of course try to help.
Readers Galleries
I have had a few requests to publish readers photographs in the form of "galleries", but regret that the time and cost has proved prohibitive.
Book Reviews
I am pleased to publish promotions or reviews of any books or DVDs dealing with the butterflies or moths of any region of the world, and welcome review copies. I also welcome the donation of any new or second-hand butterfly books that are surplus to your requirements. Please contact me for my postal address.
Browser incompatibility
This website has been produced with Microsoft FrontPage software, and should appear perfectly on Internet Explorer. I recommend using Internet Explorer 8. Unfortunately I can't guarantee compatibility with other browsers such as Netscape, Chrome or Firefox.
All photographs, images, charts and text on this website, unless otherwise stated is the property of Adrian Hoskins and protected by Copyright, and must not be reproduced or published in part or in whole in any form, electronic or printed, without the express prior written permission of Adrian Hoskins.
If you wish to use my photographs, images, charts or short sections of text, I usually give my consent provided that it is used directly and solely in connection with the work of a registered wildlife conservation charity, but please be sure to contact me and obtain written permission.


Click here to e-mail the webmaster Adrian Hoskins.



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