Butterflies - Europe
A gallery of photographs by Adrian Hoskins & Peter Bruce-Jones
Photographs taken in Britain, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy & Spain.
On this page you will find a rapidly growing selection of images depicting European species. Clicking on any of the images below takes you to a page dedicated to that species, describing it's lifecycle and behaviour, and illustrated with full size images.
Butterflies - World Species Index

Lopinga achine

Lasiommata megera

Lasiommata maera

Pararge aegeria

Melanargia galathea

Aphantopus hyperantus

Pyronia tithonus

Maniola jurtina


Coenonympha pamphilus

Coenonympha tullia

Coenonympha glycerion

Hipparchia fagi

Hipparchia semele


Erebia medusa

Erebia aethiops

Erebia epiphron

Hamearis lucina

Melitaea diamina

Melitaea didyma

Melitaea phoebe

Melitaea trivia

Mellicta aurelia

Mellicta athalia

Clossiana dia

Clossiana euphrosyne

Clossiana selene

Argynnis niobe

Argynnis adippe

Argynnis aglaia

Argynnis paphia

Issoria lathonia

Brenthis daphne

Brenthis daphne

Euphydryas aurinia


Polygonia egea

Polygonia c-album

Nymphalis polychloros

Inachis io

Vanessa atalanta

Aglais urticae

Vanessa cardui

Neptis rivularis

Limenitis camilla

Araschnia levana

Apatura iris

Apatura ilia

Libythea celtis

Aporia crataegi

Pontia edusa

Leptidea sinapis

Gonepteryx cleopatra

Gonepteryx rhamni

Colias crocea

Anthocharis cardamines

Pieris rapae

Pieris mannii

Pieris napi


Iphiclides podalirius

Parnassius mnemosyne


Papilio machaon

Lycaena virgaureae

Lycaena tityrus

Lycaena alciphron

Lycaena phlaeas

Lycaena hippothoe

Lycaena dispar

Thecla betulae

Satyrium w-album

Satyrium pruni

Satyrium spini

Satyrium ilicis

Satyrium acaciae

Callophrys rubi

Quercusia quercus

Lampides boeticus

Plebejus argus

Cyaniris semiargus

Glaucopsyche alexis

Lysandra bellargus

Lysandra coridon

Polyommatus icarus ( m )

Polyommatus icarus ( f )

Polyommatus amandus

Maculinea arion

Celastrina argiolus

Cupido minimus

Aricia artaxerxes

Aricia agestis

Carterocephalus palaemon

Pyrgus armoricanus

Pyrgus malvae

Carcharodus flocciferus

Erynnis tages

Spialia orbifera

Hesperia comma

Ochlodes venata

Thymelicus lineola


Thymelicus sylvestris

Thymelicus acteon





Butterflies - World Species Index


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