Moths of the Amazon and Andes
A gallery of photographs taken by Adrian Hoskins
Photographs taken in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Trinidad.
On this page you will find 97 images depicting the amazing variety of moths found in the neotropical region. Clicking on any of these images takes you to a page dedicated to that species, describing its lifecycle and behaviour, and illustrated with a selection of full size images. Several of the illustrated species have yet to be identified, so if you are knowledgeable about neotropical moths and can put a name to any of them please contact me by e-mail quoting the species reference number given below.
More marvellous moths from other regions of the world can be seen by clicking on the links below.
Acraga moorei Xanthiris flaveolata Racheospila batina
Siculodes aurorula
Eucereon exile Rhodoneura sp 096 Cosmosoma sectinota
Nepheloleuca complicata Hypocrita plagifera Lasiocampidae sp 212
Sarosa notata unidentified species 029 Cosmosoma nr subflamma
Pseudasellodes fenestraria ? sp 117
Cosmosoma stictinota Dyspteris tenuivitta Xylophanes docilis
Madoryx plutonius Aethria nr ocina Adhemarius tigrina
Crinodes besckei Psilacron luteovirens Racheospila ecuadoriata
Xylophanes loelia Cosmosoma entella unidentified species 376
Cyllopoda osiris Tachyphyle albisparsa Amaxia juvenis
Xenosoma giganteum Pero sp 383 Agathodes sp 002
Cimicodes albicosta Cosmosoma myrodora Cyllopoda claudicula
Utetheisa ornatrix Oxydia sp 405 Viviennea griseonitens
Letis orcynia Kalkoma sp 421 Draconia vitrea
Pachydota nervosa Lasiocampidae sp 609 Chlorhoda albolimbata
Agathodes sp 001 Cibyra sp 317 Gymnelia peratea
Correbia lycoides unidentified species 604 Rhynchopyga elongata
Urania leilus
Pero odonaria unidentified species 365 Eupithecia nr cunina
Blepharocerus ignitalis Abroatis sp 154 Epitausa sp 156
unidentified species 311 Macaria species 360 Aididae ? sp 363
Agylla sp 332 Bertholdia philotera Apatelodes sp 231
Apatelodinae species 269 unidentified species 322 Pero sp 314
Pero sp 315 Euchontha frigida Seriocastnia amalthea
Trygodes musivaria Gorgone sp 217 Racheospila sp 205
Apatelodinae species 128 Opthalmophora sp 103 Viviennea moma
Hypercompe brasiliensis Siga liris Protambulyx euryalus
Euglyphis species 085 unidentified species 079  Macrosoma nigrimacula
Druceiella amazonensis unidentified species 228 Euglyphis species 222
Opthalmophora sp 044 Pseudatteria nr leopardina Pantherodes conglomerata
Amastus coccinator Leuciris fimbriaria Amastus albipuncta
Xanthopastis timais Symphlebia fulminans Xylophanes hydrata
Xylophanes pyrrhus Patalene asychisaria Eulepidotis perlata
Midila quadrifenestra Megalopyge albicollis  



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