Butterflies - Malaysia & Borneo
A gallery of photographs taken by Adrian Hoskins ( unless stated otherwise )
Photographs taken in West Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.
On this page you will find 82 images depicting a representative selection of Malaysian butterflies. Clicking on any of the images below will take you to a page dedicated to that species, describing it's lifecycle and behaviour, and illustrated with a selection of full size images.
Butterflies - World Species Index
Trogonoptera brookiana Heliophorus epicles Iraota distanti
Eooxylides tharis Spindasis seliga Lamproptera meges
Eurema simulatrix Vindula dejone Moduza procris
Danaus genutia Graphium sarpedon Doleschallia bisaltide
Paralaxita damajanti Catopsilia pomona Zeltus amasa
Appias lyncida Chersonesia rahria Ragadia makuta
Idea stolli Cyrestis nivea Loxura cassiopeia
Zemeros flegyas Everes lacturnus Celaenorrhinus cameroni
Spindasis syama Appias nero Chilades pandava

Graphium sarpedon, Eurema simulatrix and Vindula dejone
Odontoptilum angulata Neptis duryodana Cepora nadina
Melanocyma faunula Rhinopalpa polynice Allotinus horsfieldi
Agatasa calydonia Matapa aria Polyura jalysus
Elymnias hypermnestra Junonia orithya Pirdana distanti
Dercas gobrias Xanthotaenia busiris Mycalesis orseis
Euthalia monina Prioneris philonome Cirrochroa emalea
Loxura atymnus Drupadia ravindra Terinos terpander
Troides helena Cyrestis cocles Potanthus omaha
Lampides boeticus Graphium agamemnon Abisara neophron
Ypthima horsfieldi Parthenos sylvia Hypolycaena erylus
Koruthaialos rubecula Iambrix salsala Oriens gola
Jamides celeno Junonia iphita Libythea myrrha
Appias cardena Polyura delphis Euripus nyctelius
Taxila haquinus Graphium antiphates Erites elegans
Mycalesis mineus Cirrochroa orissa Acytolepis puspa
Pantoporia hordonia Leptosia nina Catochrysops strabo
Polyura athamas Hypolimnas anomala Appias paulina
Arhopala eumolphus Orsotriaena medus Anthene emolus
In common with most other butterflies in Malaysia, Borneo and Palawan, the habitats of these species are severely endangered. Rainforest only remains on the steepest mountainsides and at a small number of protected nature reserves.
Tragically, the huge areas of tropical rainforest which once covered the lowlands of West Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak have been almost entirely cleared, with only a few "islands" of original forest remaining, surrounded by vast oil palm plantations.
The forests of Kalimantan ( Indonesian Borneo ) have suffered a similar fate. What little forest remains is under severe threat, as the protected status of nature reserves is being revoked to make way for huge concession areas that will be logged and then obliterated and turned into open cast coal mines, or cleared to make way for vast oil palm plantations to satisfy the demand for bio-diesel fuel, vegetable oil and cosmetic products.
The extent of the devastation is immense, and the consequences catastrophic, not only for butterflies, but also for orang-utans, proboscis monkeys, hornbills, and myriads of other mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and insects - our natural heritage is being annihilated.
You can help prevent further devastation - please lobby your governments, and contact the rainforest conservation organisations who use on-line petitions and scientific evidence to apply pressure to the governments of Malaysia and Indonesia to halt the devastation.


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