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Butterflies of the Amazon and Andes
June 2010
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The Tropics
Adrian Hoskins, owner of this website, organises and escorts private butterfly-watching tours for individuals and small groups, to destinations including Brazil, Costa Rica, Trinidad, Peru, Ecuador, Malaysia, Borneo and Ghana. I use the best ground operators available in the countries visited.
Typically these tours are of 2-3 weeks duration, and we spend 3-4 days at each location, allowing plenty of time to fully explore the habitats and get to know the sites and their butterflies intimately. The sites are thoroughly researched, and visits timed to coincide with the peak butterfly season.
Accommodation is chosen for proximity to the butterfly habitats - sometimes we stay in eco lodges, and at other times we use small hotels or guest houses. We have even been known to camp on Amazonian riverbanks.
These are not "follow-the-leader" trips - I encourage people to explore the trails at their own pace, so that they can study and photograph butterflies without a queue of people behind them. I do not permit collecting, or the use of butterfly nets, but often run moth lights at night. For further details please contact me by e-mail.

North America

If you are interested in visiting Mexico or the United States, I recommend the U.S. based operator Sunstreak Tours, who run an excellent program of butterfly-watching tours to various destinations in these areas.


If you are interested in visiting Europe, I would recommend Naturetrek and Greentours, who both operate several European tours that focus heavily on butterfly watching.

A more flexible option is to simply hire a car and find your own way to the butterfly sites. There are so many superb sites in the Alps, Pyrenees and Dolomites that you can stop almost anywhere and be guaranteed to find masses of Fritillaries, Blues, Coppers and Skippers in almost any roadside meadow.

Bird-watching, wildlife & botanical tours

There are many operators who run excellent wildlife watching holidays throughout the world, but before committing to such a tour I strongly recommend that you check the itineraries thoroughly and discuss the tour in detail with the operator.

Most general wildlife tours are vehicle based, with limited opportunities to explore on foot, particularly in Africa or India. Even on occasions when you are able to walk the habitats visited will often be poor for butterflies. Furthermore most of these trips are timed for the late dry season when mammals are easier to observe but butterflies will be scarce. In short, if you want to see mammals go on a wildlife safari, but if you want to see butterflies choose a tour which is designed for that purpose.

The same applies to bird-watching tours. Birders typically want a tour that crams as many habitats as possible into the itinerary, so they can build up the largest possible species lists. These trips often allow very little time for relaxed exploration, and usually tend to concentrate on areas that are rich in birds but poor for butterflies, e.g. marshes, sewage ponds, high altitude grasslands and deserts.

Botanical tours are an option worth considering, as the pace will usually be very relaxed allowing plenty of time for butterfly photography. The sites visited will often be excellent for butterflies in mid-summer, but don't expect to see masses of butterflies on alpine trips in early spring, as the peak flight season for butterflies in these areas is from mid-June to early August !


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