Caterpillars of the World
A gallery of photographs taken by Adrian Hoskins ( unless stated otherwise )
Photographs taken in Peru, Guyane Franšaise, England, Singapore & West Malaysia.
Adult butterflies and moths are so incredibly beautiful that it's easy to ignore the other stages of their fascinating lifecycle. On this page therefore I'm illustrating a small selection of caterpillars from Britain and Peru. You can read all about the lifecycle and see more photographs by clicking on the links below.
Clicking on any of the images below takes you to a full size photograph of the caterpillar.

Megalopygidae sp

Sphinx ligustri

Lasiocampidae sp

Automeris liberia

Limacodidae sp

unknown sp

Arctiidae sp

Tarchon felderi

Malacosoma neustria

Hypolycaena erylus

Limacodidae sp

Moduza procris

Lymantridae sp

Acharia nesea

Heraclides thoas

Attacus atlas

Phaedyma columella

Lexias pardalis

Pseudodirphia uniformis

Lasiocampidae sp

Isognathus leachi

Polyura schreiber

Othreis fullonia

Tridrepana fulvata

unknown sp

Euproctis similis

Temenis laothoe


Megalopygidae sp
Brenthis daphne  



Hasora badra


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