Exchanging links with other websites
I am generally willing to include links to any charitable organisation dealing with the conservation of butterflies or other wildlife or their habitats anywhere in the world.
Links to commercial websites ( booksellers, suppliers, tour operators etc ) are only included if these are of proven reputation and offer a high level of service.
Publication of any link is expected to result in a reciprocal link to www.learnaboutbutterflies.com.
UK conservation
Butterfly Conservation - national website
Butterfly Conservation Devon
Butterfly Conservation Dorset
Butterfly Conservation Hants
Butterfly Conservation Kent
Butterfly Conservation Sussex
Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire
Butterfly Monitoring Scheme
County Wildlife Trusts - links to all the county wildlife trusts in the UK
English Nature - responsible for National Nature Reserves in England
Forestry Commission
National Trust - the guardians of Britain's coastal butterfly sites
RSPB - bird reserves are often also excellent butterfly sites
Woodland Trust
Rainforest conservation
Amazon Conservation Society
Australian Rainforest Conservation Society
Iwokrama - rainforest research and protection in Guyana
Mongabay - the hard facts about rainforest destruction
Rainforest Concern
Rainforest Foundation UK
Rainforest Portal - ( Ecological Internet ) links to all the major rainforest conservation organisations
Seacology - protecting rainforests on Pacific islands
World Land Trust
British and European butterflies & moths
ukbutterflies - Pete Eeles' award winning site covering all matters relating to British butterflies
ukleps - guide to British butterflies and moths
ukmoths - superb site illustrating almost all British moths including micros
British Butterflies - Steven Cheshire's excellent site covering British species
Alan Thornbury's Hampshire Butterflies - Hampshire's butterflies and their habitats
UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme - transect data and much more
Butterflies and moths of the Netherlands - comprehensive guide to Lepidoptera of the Netherlands.
Moths and Butterflies of Europe - excellent site covering many European species.
Butterflies of Bulgaria - excellent coverage of Bulgarian butterflies.
North America
NABA - North American Butterfly Association.
Butterflies and Moths of North America - distribution maps, species accounts, checklists etc.
Butterflies of America - the most complete and professional guide to North American butterflies.
Central and South America
Neotropical Butterflies - butterflies of central and South America.
Moths of French Guiana - a selection of photographs of amazing neotropical moths and their larvae.
Arctiidae of French Guiana - illustrates many tiger moths and bee mimics.
Biologia Centrali-Americana - moths of Central and South America.
South-east Asia
Butterfly Interest Group Singapore - butterflies & moths of Singapore and West Malaysia.
Butterflies of Singapore - superb site featuring lifecycles of Singapore species.
Butterfly Pals - another site dealing with butterflies & moths of Singapore and West Malaysia.
Butterflies of Sri Lanka -
Papuan Insects - the butterflies and other insects of Papua New Guinea.
Equipment Suppliers
Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies - moth traps, breeding cages
Watkins & Doncaster - entomological equipment
Taxonomy, biology and ecology
LepIndex - Natural History Museum index of world species nomenclature
Lepidopterology - downloads of scientific papers dealing with butterflies and moths
Booksellers & publishers
NHBS - the UK's biggest selection of natural history books, including specialist subjects
Subbuteo Wildlife Books
Aurelian Books - New, out of print, & second-hand books about butterflies & moths.
Pemberley Books - New, out of print, & second-hand entomological books.



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