Photo Use Policy
Be fair! Don't steal!

I put a great amount of time, effort, and personal expense into providing the greater orchid communtity these photographs. I realize it's very easy to copy a photo found on the web and make use of it elsewhere. That being said, I don't insert annoying visible watermarks on my photos like some photographers - that just detracts from the images I am trying to present. I rely on your personal integrity to do the right thing and respect my copyright.

However! That does not mean you can copy the photographs or deep link back to the photographs. Deep linking is double trouble: you're using my photo without my permission and you're making me pay for the bandwith to show it.

Do not take my photos, build a website, make it public, and then ask me for permission to use the photos that you took, even if it's a noncommercial website. That's rude and illegal. Didn't your mother teach you to ask permission before taking something? My response will be: remove my photos, and no you can't use them.

I am not allowing the bulk of my photos to be reused on non-English websites, please do not ask. This site is perfectly usable by non-English speakers. A genus and species name doesn't change from language to language.

If asked, I almost always allow noncommercial use of my photos with credit, especially if it is for educational use. This includes things like a school or college/university or an orchid society newsletter. I must ask that you contact me before you use them, as a common courtesy. I do have very reasonable rates for books, magazines and newspapers, please contact me. This does not extend to large-scale copying of the images I present, even for non-commercial use. Those of you with exceptions to this rule know who you are - don't worry.

I have had several bad experiences dealing with people and organizations outside the United States, so read this before contacting me: I do not accept any kind of wire or electronic transfer. They cost money and they require me to give out too much personal banking information for the small fee I charge per photo. I gladly accept checks written on foreign banks in foreign currency. I only speak English - please designate someone to work with me who is fluent in English or have a professional translator on hand. Again, for the amount of money I charge, it's not worth going through 10 rounds of email and still not be understood completely.

You are free to download the the photos on this site to your own computer for your own personal, noncommercial use. That includes, but is not limited to, things like screen savers, wallpapers, reference materials for your own orchid collection. What you can not do is redistribute the photos. That takes them out of their intended context, something I do not want happening.

What I do not allow is the commercial use of my photos to sell plants or any other commercial activity. Please be respectful of this. Please do not waste mine or your time by asking for an exception. If you are the owner of the plant photographed, contact me about using it commercially. This I allow, if asked first, as a courtesy to you for allowing me to photograph your plant.

eBay users beware: I regularly have auctions taken down when I find my photos being used to sell plants.

Above all, enjoy the photos! Please contact me if you want to discuss them or just say thanks.

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