Growing Orchids in San Francisco

I am an under lights and outdoor grower in San Francisco, and it is an immensely rewarding and enjoyable hobby. I am a member of the San Francisco Orchid Society and The Orchid Digest Corporation. I am also a volunteer for OrchidMania here in San Francisco, serving on the Board of Directors as President.

I have recently moved into a new apartment with a small shared backyard. I will start growing cool to cold growing pleurothallids back there and as I start that process, I will continue updating this page. Keep checking in every few weeks!

This site is how I repay those who have been so generous with their knowledge with me. Orchidists, like most plant people, are an inherently sharing lot, providing a grass-roots form of specialized education in a very narrow area of study.

I am also a regular contributor to Jay Pfahl's Internet Orchid Species Encyclopedia.

We all like to get our hands dirty and my time spent at the OrchidMania greenhouse allows me to do that. In fact, I would say the bulk of my orchid growing knowledge comes from there. It's the next best thing to having a greenhouse in the back yard.

Dendrobium rigidum 'Ramona'
Oncidium cheirophorum
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Phal. Pico Bello 'Floricultura'

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