Pacific Orchid Exposition
2003 Species List

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Angraecum germinyanum Anna Chai
Arpophyllum giganteum Golden Gate Orchids
Ascocentrum christiansonianum 'Pinkie' The Orchid House
Bulbophyllum capillipes Extella Lim
Cadetia chionantha Judy Carney
Calanthe argenteostriata Debra Atwood
Calanthe kawakamii 'Good Fortune' CBR/AOS Valerie Henderson
Calanthe vestita 'Lillian Sparks' Walter M. Shinn
Cattleya amethystoglossa 'Flying High' Fordyce Orchids
Cochleanthes discolor Orchids of Los Osos
Coelogyne monilirachis Andy's Orchids
Coelogyne mooreana 'Brockhurst' Walter M. Shinn
Coelogyne usitana Golden Gate Orchids
Cyclopogon epiphytica Orquides del Valle, Cali, Colombia
Cyclopogon lindleyanus 'Silver Screen' - specimen Echo Valley Orchids
Cyclopogon lindleyanus 'Silver Screen' - detail Echo Valley Orchids
Cymbidium canaliculatum 'Mary Frances' HCC/AOS Bill Weaver
Cymbidium devonianum 'Mary Pinchen' Asuka
Cymbidium devonianum Marni Turkel
Cymbidium goeringii v. goeringii Maria Chow
Cymbidium sanderae Andy's Orchids
Dendrobium eriaeflorum Andy's Orchids
Dendrobium gracilicaule Golden Gate Orchids
Dendrobium kingianum Orchids of Los Osos
Dendrobium species Unknown
Dendrobium speciosum White Oak Orchids
Dendrobium spectabile Sorella Orchids
Dendrobium sulawesiense Anna Chai
Dendrobium tetragonum White Oak Orchids
Dendrochilum bicallosum Sorella Orchids
Dendrochilum convallariiforme Hanging Gardens
Dendrochilum glumaceum 'Super Cool' Marni Turkel
Dendrochilum tenellum Unknown
Disa uniflora - yellow form Asuka
Encyclia aspera Petite Plaisance
Epidendrum miserum Marni Turkel
Epidendrum polybulbon White Oak Orchids
Holcoglossum flavescens Andy's Orchids
Ida heynderycxii, front view White Oak Orchids
Ida heynderycxii, side view White Oak Orchids
Ionopsis utriculariodes 'Orquivalle' HCC/AOS Orquides del Valle, Cali, Colombia
Laelia anceps ssp. oaxaqueño Orchids of Los Osos
Lepanthes manabina Hanging Gardens
Lycaste lasioglossa Petite Plaisance
Lycaste schilleriana Orquides del Valle, Cali, Colombia
Lycaste skinneri 'Duncan York' The Orchid House
Lycaste skinneri v. alba Marni Turkel
Masdevallia deformis Petite Plaisance
Masdevallia erinacea Hanging Gardens
Masdevallia hieroglyphica Musia Stagg
Masdevallia ignea 'Red Flare' HCC/AOS Golden Gate Orchids
Masdevallia veitchiana 'Sunset Gold' Golden Gate Orchids
Maxillaria sanderiana 'Ryan Thomas' CCM/AOS, flower closeup The Orchid House
Maxillaria sanderiana 'Ryan Thomas' CCM/AOS, specimen The Orchid House
Myoxanthus affinis Orquides del Valle, Cali, Colombia
Oberonia setigera, inflorescence Andy's Orchids
Oberonia setigera, closeup, unopened flowers Andy's Orchids
Odontoglossum crispum Steve Beckendorff
Odontoglossum nobile Steve Beckendorff
Oeceoclades saundersiana Hoosier Orchids
Oerstedella wallisii Hanging Gardens
Oncidium cavendishianum Andy's Orchids
Ornithocephalus bicornis Orquides del Valle, Cali, Colombia
Paphiopedilum chamberlanianum v. latifolium Golden Gate Orchids
Paphiopedilum bougainvillianum White Oak Orchids
Paphiopedilum delenatii Golden Gate Orchids
Paphiopedilum micranthum Marguerite Thomas
Paphiopedilum purpurascens White Oak Orchids
Paphiopedilum tigrinum White Oak Orchids
Paphiopedilum urbanianum White Oak Orchids
Pholidota chinensis 'Belmont Highland' Walter M. Shinn
Phragmipedium bessea Orchid Society of California
Phragmipedium caudatum White Oak Orchids
Pleione forestii Golden Gate Orchids
Pleione formosana 'Lillian Sparks' Walter M. Shinn
Pleurothallis grandiflora Hanging Gardens
Pleurothallis truncata Dennis Westler
Pleurothallis wagneri Hanging Gardens
Porroglossum muscosum Marni Turkel
Pterostylis curta 'Keun Hee' CCM/AOS Anna Chai
Restrepia antennifera (hemsleyana) Chris Knudson
Rhynchostele rossii Hanging Gardens
Sarcoglottis sp. (labeled deceptrix) Ha'iku Maui Orchids
Schoenorchis juncifolia Andy's Orchids
Sophronitis coccinea Anna Chai
Telipogon hutchinsonii 'Belmont Highlands' Walter M. Shinn
Telipogon macroglottis 'Belmont Highlands' Walter M. Shinn
Ticoglossum oerstedii Steve Beckendorff
Trichoglottis pusilla Andy's Orchids
Trichoglottis triflora Andy's Orchids
Trichopilia suavis Andy's Orchids

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