Contributing Growers
You guys rock!

These wonderful folks have been the skill and artistry behind the flowers you see in the photographs on this site. If they are a commercial grower, please patronize them as much as possible. If they are a private individual, give them a hearty thanks for growing them.

To everyone on this list and to anyone whom I may have omitted, I thank you for allowing me to photograph your plants and share them with the rest of the orchid community.

This list is not all-inclusive, and if I forget someone, it is because I am not as organized as I should be. My apologies, and drop me a line to refresh my memory.

Alex Koomanoff
Alicia Stiles
Alma Jeffery
Andy's Orchids
Angelic Nguyen
Anna S. Chai
Arthur Keown
Bill Weaver
Bonnie Schmill
Boomer's Orchid Ark
Brian Lothrop
Buddy F. Mark
Calen Hall
Candice Landerman
Carl Carter
Carol Klonowski
Caryle Wyatt
Chaotic Exotics
Chen-Hao Hsu
Chris Knudson
Christian Tonsberg
Craycroft Gardens
D&D Flowers
Dale Martin
Dan Chiappone
Dan Yturraspe
Dana Murphy
Debrah Atwood
Dee Dee Flores
Dennis Olivas
Dennis Westler
Diablo View Orchid Society
Dick & Donna Murrill
Dick Emory
Dough Kubo
Echo Valley Orchids
Eddon Orchids
Extella Lim
Fordyce Orchids
Francisco Baptista
Fred Paget
Fred Shull
Gary Jones
George Su
Gerardus Staal
Glenda J. Velon
Gold Country Orchids
Golden Gate Orchids
H&R Nurserys
Ha'iku Maui Orchids
Hanging Gardens
Harriet McKinnis
Hawk Hill Nursery
Heather Drobus
Hoosier Orchids
Howard Gunn
Ida Carter
Japheth Ko
Jason Scott

Jay Moxley
Jerry Rodder
Jim Lothrop
JJ Coticone
Joe & Kathy Parker
John & Martha Larimer
John Kaufman
Jose J. Rodriguez
Juan Alejo
Judy Carney
Julia Joch
Kathy Barrett
Kawamoto Orchid Nursery
Lois E. Miller
Lorraine Paolini
Marguerite Thomas
Maria Chow
Mark Better
Mark Sullivan
Marni Turkel
Maureen Clarke
May On Orchids
Melissa Johnson
Michael Gallagher
Mike Anderson
Mimi Rose
Musia Stagg
Orchids of Los Osos
Orquidea Wholesale
Orquides del Valle, Cali, Colombia
Paul H. Chim
Phyllis Dobbs
Phyllis Heisler
Pleasant Valley Orchids
Pui Chin Orchids
Rich Heisler
Ron Parsons
Royale Orchids
SF Conservatory of Flowers
Shelly Berlant
Sorella Orchids
Steve Beckendorf
Sunset Orchids
Sybil Renee McGowan
Ted & Angela Foin
The Orchid House
The Paph House
Todd Kennedy
Tom Condon
Tom Merics
Tom Zavortink
Top Hat Orchids
Trudy Hadler
Valerie Henderson
Valerie Mountain
Vintage Orchids
Walter M. Shinn
Walter Teague
White Oak Orchids

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