Acres and acres of flying delights await you, from thousands of exotic butterflies to the world's most amazing birds. The flowers are blooming and this is the best time of the year to enjoy Butterfly World!
Coconut Creek, FL, 33073
Mon - Sat:
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Jon-Mark Davey

Jon-Mark Davey I call this pencil rendering "Three Amigos" for the three Macaws at Butterfly World.

October 14 at 9:44am · Flag
Jon-Mark Davey

Jon-Mark Davey This is a pencil rendering of the Blue and Gold Macaw at Butterfly World.

October 14 at 9:35am · Flag
N. Joe Myers

N. Joe Myers I
got an Aristolochia pandurata (plant) during my visit there in 1992,
and it's still doing great, and still adored by Battus polydamas which
nearly eat it to the ground each year :-)

October 11 at 3:03pm · Comment · · Flag
    Butterfly World
    Butterfly Gardening Workshop Learn How to Start Your Own Butterfly Garden! (1) Learn how to identify and attract local butterflies to your own back yard. (2) Learn about the plants best suited to start a butterfly garden...
    October 7 at 7:53am · Comment ·
    Butterfly World

    Butterfly World Over 2,000 Fans!!!

    October 5 at 6:12am · Comment ·
    Erin Ogan

    Erin Ogan Here's my puzzle I bought from took me less than a week to put together

    October 4 at 12:59pm · Flag
    Butterfly World
    This Special Offer is for One Week Only! From October 4-11, 2010, save $10.00 off each regularly priced admission! Be sure to bring this coupon be to take advantage of this Special Admission Offer while it lasts!  $10.00 OFF! General Admission Rates. L...
    October 4 at 5:46am · Comment ·
    Maureen Russell

    Maureen Russell Still waiting for the Advanced Butterfly class. Any idea of when it might be?

    October 4 at 2:14am · Comment · · Flag
      • Butterfly World Hey Maureen,
        Nothing has been scheduled just yet but dates are being tossed around. We'll be SURE to let you know once it has been decided on!
        October 7 at 7:55am ·
    Jennieva Patricia Perez

    Jennieva Patricia Perez I went to butterfly world today for the first time and I absolutely loved it!!! my niece went crazy with all there was to see and your staff was extremely friendly!! can't wait to go back again :)

    October 3 at 1:55pm via Facebook for iPhone · Comment · · Flag
      • Butterfly World We're so glad you had a great time, Jennieva!
        October 7 at 7:55am ·
    Roxanne Weston

    Roxanne Weston I bought the yearly pass so I can go any time and I get discounts. A great place to go and just forget your worries & sit in an extra pretty park -w- hummingbirds.

    October 3 at 7:58am · Comment · · Flag
      • Butterfly World We think so too, Roxanne =) Thanks for becoming a pass holder!
        October 7 at 7:59am ·
    Butterfly World

    Butterfly World It's OCTOBER! Be sure to download the latest Desktop Calendar by clicking the link below.

    October 1 at 11:44am · Comment ·
      • Dolores Craw I love Butterfly World. The birds were pretty neat also. And all the flowers. It's a beautiful place to go.
        October 1 at 12:52pm ·
      • Dolores Craw To go and visit.
        October 1 at 12:52pm ·
      • Betty Guest soo Beautiful!!
        October 1 at 8:50pm ·
    Judy Field Davis

    Judy Field Davis Always enjoy visiting your beautiful atrium! Come visit DivaDuck sometime!

    October 1 at 6:27am · Comment · · Flag
      Butterfly World

      Butterfly World COUPON! $10.00 off Admission! Just print it out and bring it it! We hope to see you soon!

      September 30 at 7:41am · Comment ·
        • Butterfly World ‎@ Amy, Sorry about that! Just created a new "Note" with the $10.00 off special in it. Just print it out and use that coupon.
          October 4 at 5:47am ·
        • Nechama Horwitz Gutman Im so confused I printed the coupon but it only says $5.00 and I don't see another note
          October 10 at 7:36am ·
      Butterfly World commented on Erin Ogan's photo.
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