How long does a butterfly live?

The average life span of a butterfly in the aviary is about fourteen days. This compares to about seven days in the wild. However, some species like the Zebra can live for up to ten months, and species which vary their nectar diet to include such things as rotting fruit, pollen, dung and even carrion, can live even longer.

How many butterflies are in the aviary?

We keep 10,000 butterflies on display. However, there are often far more. Because we are located in South Florida, this number remains unaffected by seasonal changes.

How many species are there to see?

At any time, up to fifty species can be seen, and over 150 different species over the course of one year.

What are the differences between a butterfly and a moth?

Butterflies and moths are very similar. However, basic differences exist. These are:

- Butterflies generally rest with their wings folded, above the body, perpendicular to the ground. Moths usually rest with their wings folded along their body.

- Most butterflies have antennae which are clubbed at the end, whereas the antennae of the moth are pointed or feathered.

- Butterflies are solar-powered day flying creatures. Although some moths are also daytime flyers, the majority fly at night.

- Butterfly caterpillars are extremely fussy about which plant they feed on. Moth caterpillars will generally eat a variety of plants.

Pupa, Chrysalis or Cocoon?

The words pupa and chrysalis have the same meaning; "pupa" has its origins in Latin while "chrysalis" is a Greek word. A cocoon is the silk casing a silk moth caterpillar spins before it turns into a pupa or chrysalis.

What do butterflies do in the winter?

Most of the butterflies at Butterfly World are tropical species, and in our nearly tropical environment, never have to cope with winter. Non-tropical butterflies have to spend several months of the year in "hibernation" at different stages of their life cycle depending on their species.


What is the Best Time of Year to Visit?

Butterfly World has ten thousand live butterflies and hundreds of birds at any time throughout the whole year. So anytime is a great time to visit Spectacular Butterfly World!

Butterfly World is an Outdoor Park

Butterfly World is primarily outdoors. Our Butterflies and Birds fly safely in their aviaries. We have some attractions that are inside.

What is there to see at Butterfly World?

Please visit our Virtual Tour section of the website and take a tour!

Where is Tradewinds Park?

Tradewinds Park is a Broward County Park. Butterfly World is located in the South side of Tradewinds Park and is a private facility. Tradewinds Park may be contacted at their office phone number, 954-357-8870 -- press 0 or at Tradewinds Park Website

Wheelchairs for Rent

Butterfly World is 100% wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs are available for rent at the price of $5.00 + tax for up to two hours. Wheelchair availability is limited.

Payments Accepted

Cash, Amex, MC and Visa. No checks accepted.

Butterfly Releases/Pupae for Purchase

Butterfly World does not sell Butterflies for releases. In our gift shop, we carry a variety of pupae for purchase. If you would like to purchase a large quantity, please call our gift shop in advance. Please note we cannot guarantee that the pupa will emerge at a certain time.

Weddings/Special Events

Butterfly World does not have the facilities to hold Weddings, Receptions or Special Events.

Rain Check Policy

If you visit Butterfly World and it begins to rain after you have entered, we will issue a rain check to come back on another day. Rain checks will expire in two years of visit date. Rain checks will not be replaced if they are lost.

Can I Upgrade to an Annual Pass?

You must upgrade the same day that you purchased your tickets. You will be charged the difference for the annual pass.


Butterfly World does not allow any tripods or monopods.


We do not allow any food inside Butterfly World. We have two outdoor cafes with snacks to lunch items. Picnic areas are available just outside our entrance in Tradewinds Park.

Rent a Pavilion
To rent a pavilion in Tradewinds Park, please call 954-357-8870.
Tradewinds Park Website

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